Kenmore Sewing Machine Models



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Due to the large number of Kenmore models available we've split them into 3 sections for easier model number search. Please click on the desired link below!



  Kenmore "117 & 120" Models

  Kenmore "148 & 158" Models

  Kenmore "385" Models

  Kenmore Service Manuals


Kenmore Model Number Tips!


      Kenmore- Most Kenmore models start with a 3 digit prefix like 117  148  158  385. Then there is usually at least 4 more numbers after that. But there can be up to 10 numbers!  As long as the first 4 numbers after the first 3 digit prefix match. Then its the correct manual for your machine. Example: Model# 158.17511081 would use the manual 158.1751 or the manual labeled just "1751". 

Kenmore-models with only 3 numbers after the 3 digit prefix will use the manual that matches the first 2 numbers. Example: Model# 158.950 will use the manual "95" , so would the model# 158.953 , 158.957 and so on...

One really important Kenmore tip! The Numbers 1120, 2156, 6186 are not machine model numbers!!! They are model numbers for something else. Most likely the motor.


Don't Look here for model number!

This is the plate you'll find the model# on!



Note: The model # plate won't always be in this location. You might have to look all over the machine to find it. On the very bottom of the machine, the side or the back of the machine!